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September.2018 | Celebrating our Indigenous Staff

09 september

Vapor Ministries firmly believes that indigenous leadership is a healthy and effective way to make our mission sustainable. Since its inception in Kawangware in 2005, Vapor Ministries has continued to equip indigenous people to lead its efforts to meet needs and feed souls in some very challenging environments. Growing from an initial discipleship group of twelve, Vapor Ministries now employs over 400...

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August.2018 | Changing the Trajectory of the Next Generation

Screen shot 2018-08-12 at 7.17.26 am

Imagine if no one in your family's history ever had the opportunity to attend school. Imagine generation after generation of your family unable to read or write. Your employment options would be severely limited and providing for your family would be a daily struggle. This is the reality for countless people at this very moment. This is the driving force...

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July.2018 | July 2018 Newsletter Update

07 july

What do we mean by sustainability? Read our July newsletter to learn more about our approach to this aspect of our mission.

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July.2018 | Vapor Thrift Store

Img 0417

Our flagship Vapor Thrift Store produces a valuable revenue stream that helps to fund our mission to establish sustainable centers for alleviating poverty and multiplying disciples in third-world environments. We are fully dependent on God to move in the hearts of our donors to provide quality items they no longer need. Dedicated Vapor Thrift Store staff then diligently work to...

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July.2018 | Which Came First, The Chicken or The Egg?


By God’s grace, chickens and eggs are changing lives in Togo. The eggs provide a valuable source of sustainable protein for the community. Our chickens produce eggs for eighteen months before being sold for their meat. The poultry provides further nourishment for the community. The nutritional benefit from sustainable protein sources helps the people of Togo grow and maintain...

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