Equipping, discipling and training leaders who can take part in our mission to establish sustainable centers for alleviating poverty and multiplying disciples in third-world environments.

Vapor's internship program is an opportunity for college interns to gain valuable work experience while serving a greater good. The program seeks to provide students with hands-on experience in areas that fit with their education, talents and interests. 

Vapor Ministries offers an internship program because we feel that interns can help us accomplish our mission by providing key support to our staff at Vapor headquarters. The program is also beneficial for the intern, as it allows for personal development and hands-on ministry experience. The two main goals of the program are:

  1. To provide a valuable service to Vapor’s HQ staff, in order to further Vapor’s mission.
  2. To discover and develop potential future employees. 

We desire to build lasting relationships, and we hope that each intern will become a lifelong advocate for Vapor Ministries.

What is involved in the Vapor internship program?
Vapor’s internship program is a paid opportunity and includes an option to participate in a Vapor trip (at the intern’s own expense). Individuals in the internship program are involved in Vapor’s ministry on a variety of levels. Each intern has the opportunity to participate in significant projects and tasks, as well as regular, ongoing tasks at Vapor HQ. The program provides Vapor Ministries with additional support during busy seasons, while also allowing the interns to put their skills into practice. Each intern will personally benefit from the program as they use their skills to contribute to the ministry. 

The internship involves the following components:

  • Department assignments:
    • To best meet the needs of all departments within Vapor Ministries, and to utilize the gifts and talents of the interns, each intern is assigned to work with a specific department. This will involve a variety of projects and assistance to the department in significant and legitimate ways. The intern will become a member of the department team for the duration of the program. 
  • Personal development:
    • A key piece of Vapor’s mission is equipping leaders and discipling individuals; therefore this is a crucial component of the internship program. This happens in a variety of ways, including weekly discipleship/leadership development sessions and life-on-life interaction with other staff members. Other opportunities for mentorship and spiritual growth will be available throughout the program. .
  • Other duties as needed:
    • Interns will help with occasional miscellaneous duties around the office. These duties can range from general administrative tasks, to assisting the trips coordinator, to working at the Vapor Thrift Store on occasion.

Who can apply for a Vapor internship?
We seek candidates who are currently in college, or have recently graduated and have a desire to use their skills to serve the Lord in a non-profit ministry setting. We look for individuals who are Christ followers who believe in Vapor’s mission and have a desire to serve alongside our staff. We seek individuals who want to learn, grow and sharpen their skills and become a lifelong partner of Vapor Ministries in some capacity.

Want to find out more?
Contact Stephen Platt for more information at or 256.208.4095.