Please pray for us as the Lord brings Vapor Ministries to your mind.

Vapor Ministries is 100% dependent upon God alone to supply all our needs. We rely on His leadership and provision in every area, from strategic planning to daily operations to advancing to new areas and all the financial and people resources needed to carry out the mission He’s given us. 

We are desperate for His favor and grace, for His fame and the advancement of His kingdom. And we are desperate for your prayers. They truly matter. Please pray for us as the Lord brings Vapor Ministries to your mind. 

Pray specifically for:

  • Our disciple-making efforts
    • Pray that men, women and children will turn to Christ in faith and repentance.
    • Pray for children and youth in the Vapor leagues to understand the gospel and grow in their knowledge of Scripture.
    • Pray for Vapor's local church partnerships to remain strong, healthy and mutually beneficial.
    • Pray for Vapor staff and volunteers to remain passionate about making disciples.
  • As we pursue poverty alleviation
    • Pray for our Hasmin's Friends program as it provides education, clothing and food to some of the most needy children and ask God to provide more sponsors.
    • Pray for each of Vapor's water projects as they provide clean, life-giving water to the communities we serve. Pray that lives are improved and prolonged through our efforts.
    • Pray that Vapor center staff will have wisdom as they seek to address ongoing and heartbreaking humanitarian aid needs.
    • Pray for unified staff at each Vapor center, Vapor Thrift Store and at our headquarters.
  • For our sustainable centers
    • Pray for successful and profitable sustainability projects that help offset operating costs at our centers.
    • Pray for Vapor center staff to be properly equipped with the skills needed to succeed.
    • Pray for Vapor staff as we negotiate land agreements for new Vapor centers.
    • Pray for God to raise up indigenous leaders who will catch the vision for multiplication and work diligently to be able to start new centers in unreached communities.

Most of all, pray that God will be glorified in every aspect of Vapor Ministries!

Vapor Days is an annual three-day prayer initiative that takes place each March. We invite friends of the cause to fast and pray with us at a specific time and date, for we know that the many prayers offered up to the Father on our behalf are powerful and effective!

Vapor Days 
Coming again on March 5th-7th, 2018

Download the 2018 Prayer Guide